Proper deep cleaning for your home and business

We are fully trained and accredited specialists in stain removal and deep cleaning for carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

An ‘all in one’ carpet machine, like one you might hire for a weekend, has several important drawbacks;

  • The machine is very basic, so can only remove some of the soils trapped in your carpet
  • You are required to buy 2-3 bottles of detergent 'shampoo' and spotter. Current price for the essential shampoo alone is £15, this will cover just two rooms. Est.cost with two spotters £30, plus hire at £30 - and all labour is all you!
  • Spot spray stain solutions supplied can only remove some of the marks.
  • The machines still rely on inefficient and old fashioned ‘shampoo’ detergents, that are no longer used by carpet cleaners.
  • Lots of water is required, soaking your carpets, but not rinsing them out afterwards – This is as essential as rinsing when you are washing your hair!

So if you want proper targeted stain removal, with a 4 stage deep cleaning treatment that restores the pile, removes ALL soiling, and returns carpet to its original colours, without 2 days of drying time, [we are normally 2 hours average] we are here to help.

We have some great deals available if you require more cleaning services. We also offer a fixed price 'blitz' service if you are currently selling your home, spring cleaning, or just clearing up from a party!

Raymond Candy Cleaning Company