"Deep & Proper"

or "Splash & Dash"?

Which Service to Choose? DIY Carpet Cleaning
Fibre Specific Treatments? Yes! Absolutely essential to plan the clean. We use specific treatments and equipment dependent on the fibre type. This protects the colours dyed in from bleeding, and prevents ruinous 'fuzzing & bobbling' No. An 'all-in-one' machine cleaner uses one generic shampoo treatment type. Natural carpet & rug fibres can 'brown' when left soaking wet. Hope for the best!
Do you Know Fully what to Expect? Always. Proper carpet technicians are properly trained in stain removal, so we will know if a stain is removable, and if there might be an issue. We always advise you first. Unlikely. No pre-survey and testing, so you need to take pot luck as to whether they are able to get all the stains and marks out.
Full Guarantee? Yes. 100% Check, but mostly not part of the deal
Carpet Pile Restoration? Yes -our deep clean promise requires that the pile is groomed up, in order to get down into the carpet. It is also groomed at the end. None. Brushing out and lifting the pile is essential to clean it properly. These machines cannot do this
Stains Removal? We remove stains safely [usually 100% success rate] The priority is to protect the carpet/rug from being ruined by the wrong treatment. We carry a minimum of 10 specialist stain removers…. Hopefully! You take pot luck with one generic shampoo. Repeated passes with the machine soaks the carpet further, and will make little/no difference to the stains.
Soil Removal? Yes. 100%, from fibre tips, all the way down to the carpet backing at the base They do draw some of the soils out, but only on the surface. Dirt deep in the carpet or rug often gets drawn, or 'wicked' up the fibres. Carpet is still dirty!
Time to Dry? Our techniques will normally have your carpets dry in 2 hours. We may leave special drying machines with you until it is dry Big disadvantage! They have to soak your carpet in order for the shampoo to work [like your hair] Carpets take up to 2 DAYS to dry.
Rinse out of Treatments? Of Course! The carpet must be completely rinsed out in order to complete the clean. No rinsing. This leaves a sticky residue in the carpet, which is great at attracting and trapping more dirt…
Bio-Protection/Removal? As standard. All carpets and rugs hold microscopic bacteria and moulds. A biocidal rinse will keep the carpets fresh and odour free for much longer No. Particularly note if you have a pet/baby urine stain, it requires specialist treatments, esp. to remove odours
Deodorisation Treatment? As standard. A proper deodoriser 'targets' the odours, and lasts much longer Cleaners may use scented shampoos and perfumes. This does not deodorise the carpet properly
Offer Cleaning Recommendations? Very happy to help. We are all about helping you to keep them clean. We also offer a range of our own spill treatments, and home tips. The best advice is often more about what NOT to do when faced with a nasty spill. Carpets and rugs are forever ruined with over-enthusiastic cleaning!
Costs & Blind Quotations? We always survey and quote FIRST, and are usually no more than approx. 25% more per room than a budget cleaner. See above for why it’s absolutely worth it. A little less to pay, but much to be dissatisfied about. E.g. - An electrician would never offer a fixed, catch all price, with no knowledge of what a job involves before doing it.